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LPCC is becoming resource for professional development. Training and Supervision for professionals and organization is a growing part of our work. You my contact us for a consultation concerning your specific professional development needs.

LPCC has a strong collaborative relationship with other therapists in the community to promote education, supervision, and referrals.

LPCC offers training to clergy on crisis intervention, pastoral skill development, and understanding congregations. In addition to education for clergy, we offer personal and spiritual nurture events. Marriage enrichment and family enrichment for clergy, spirituality for clergy, and healthy living for clergy are examples of clergy enrichment events.

Leadership groups within congregations often need practical, concrete skills to help them serve in their roles. “Grief Training For Deacons” is an example of the kind of training we do for these congregants. Call us with your leadership group’s specific needs. We are also available to provide topical studies, theological discussion groups, and relationship study groups on campus for congregations. We can structure a study to meet the needs of your congregation.

LPCC offers a host of non-sectarian workshops on counseling-related topics for business and community groups. We also provide services through several Employee Assistance Programs.